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Battle of the Bristol Boxes

Posted on 28 October, 2015 by Steve Jones

Battle of the Bristol boxes!

Saturday morning started with a bang, 8 teams representing CrossFit boxes from the Bristol area all turning up to see who would be crowned the fittest box in Bristol.

Luckily for the large amount of spectators the event was held in CrossFit Portishead, one of UK Supreme Fitness’s largest facility outfits to date. The venue was big enough to cater for the athletes and spectators.

The box was alive with chatter and competitive banter coming from all teams. This was not the first battle of Bristol boxes and most people had friends within competing teams. 

WOD 1 consisted of power cleans! The female team members had to choose a weight and power clean for four minutes with the men following sink. This was a great WOD! Every member put 100% effort in. It was also great to see so many people really putting UKSF Olympic barbells and bumper plates to the test.

WOD 2 was a real lung burner! 12 min amrap to row 2000m and kettlebell snatches for the remaining time! This was a real forearm burner and you could see the pain on the athlete’s faces! Once the WOD had finished and the athletes vacated the arena all that was left was a sea of scattered competition kettlebells. It was as if someone had chucked kettlebell skittles everywhere.

WOD 3. It was clear to see these WODs increased in difficulty as the day progressed. The Midsummer Murders WOD would really test the athlete’s mental fitness. This was a 15minute amrap, 100 RX kettlebell swings, 80 RX plyometric box jump overs and 60 pull-ups.  This was the longest event of the day and we were so amazed not to see any of the athletes go head over heels on the 100 plyometric box jumps.

The Finals: The final was very close! The WOD was based on a grid style event, with WODs back to back and the weakest team of each event being cut from the final. The first event was a grueling thruster off 60/40kg. The teams had to swap the bumper plates over on the barbells for each member, 60 reps later and one team had been removed. The final WOD was intense! It was a front rack lunge workout 60kg for men and 40kg for woman, same as before the bumper plates had to be swapped for each member.  The full team had to do one lap of the BOX with the leading teams crossing the finish line neck and neck. Luckily for the team placed second, one member from the leading team unfortunately made a no rep on the final step, allowing CrossFIt GB to take the top podium spot. 

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