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Fort Ashton Throwdown

Posted on 6 January, 2016 by Steve

Fort Ashton Throwdown Super Human Games 05/12/2015


Since our launch in 2013 we have always played with the idea of supplying a large CrossFit event with UKSF gym equipment. It was always our vision to see hundreds of athletes throwing our Olympic barbells around, swinging our kettlebells and performing muscle ups on our rigs. This became a reality last weekend when we were main sponsors for the Fort Ashton Throwdown by Super Human Events.  This was a proud moment for us! Not only had Superhuman Games approached us, but we were giving the opportunity to present our products to hundreds of athletes.

Planning for the event started several months ago. It was a daunting task! Not only were we still a relatively young company but we are experiencing a huge increase in activity. This would prove to put a real strain on our stock flow and man power.

We had everything ready to go, Olympic barbells, kettlebells, bumper plates, spring collars and CrossFit pull up rigs all in stock, lined up nicely and primed to scatter the arena at the Fort Ashton Throwdown. Planning seemed simple and we began to relax and chill known we were ready! However not all was so simple. We had a shipment of stock due to arrive on the 01/12/2015, which was carefully forecasted into our stock levels, however this failed to show and was delayed for two weeks! This presented us with a large headache! We had the correct amount of plates for the event, however we had clients expecting delivery of their products on the 04/12/2015, which should have been fulfilled by our new arrival of bumper plates. We did not want to tarnish our reputation so we had to do a little bit of last minute shopping and find 100 5kg bumper plates to hit our orders!

After several insanely busy months the day had crept up on us. This was our first large event and we were anxiously praying that our planning would pay off and the event would be a success! Saturday morning arrived and we had our fleet of three vans lined up and our work force ready to load up!  It was a heavy morning! We shifted 60 Olympic Barbells, 4000kg of bumper plates, 60 kettlebells and a 34ft free standing rig, to top it off our tale lift decided it was having the weekend off so we had to handball every single item into the vehicles.

As we arrived to the event the arena was still empty and still an indoor football pitch, as we unloaded the equipment and started creating the lanes this football pitch soon looked like a CrossFit arena worthy of some of the top events in the UK! 10 hours later, several fast food runs and some achy arms the 40 lanes were complete and our monster CrossFit rig was up and looking pretty! We spent the last 30 minutes of the night checking each lane had Olympic barbells, kettlebells, 130kg bumper plates and spring collars. Finally, at 10.20pm the last off us managed to lock up and head home before our 06.45am start.

The morning of the event was finally here! Thanks to our early start we had enough time to set up our vendor stand and make any last minute arrangements of the equipment. As the athletes entered the arena we were swept with more worries and anxiety. We know our equipment is of the highest standard we were worried we may have forgot some equipment or put too much out. It was our first major event and we were uncertain. As 0900hrs approached the whole arena was packed with 500 athletes nearly 100 judges and huge crowd ready to show support. 


The first WOD commenced, which saw our new Performance Barbells put to the test! The WOD was a complex, which involved cleans, front squats and shoulder to other head movements. There were some heavy weights being shifted and you could see our Performance Barbells performing perfectly. The flex and whip was visible as the athletes cleaned and jerked huge weights above their heads, not only were our Olympic Barbells performing at a top level but our Pegasus Rubber Crumb Bumper plates were also standing up to the punishment.  Every athlete performed well and the crowd really pushed them to hit personal bests and big lifts! Some of the big lifts included 135kg for males and 75kg for females.

Throughout the day our products were really put to the test! We saw athletes performing hundreds of kettlebell swings with our black cast iron 24kg and 32kg kettlebells, our barbells and bumper plates were also punished throughout the day! Several hours after the first WOD was entered the final was here! Only 8 teams made it through out of 200. This is where our UKSF CrossFit Rig was centre stage and would become the focal point of the entire event. Our 34ft freestanding rig saw athletes perform pull ups and toes to bars.

After a close event and amazing effort from all athletes the Fort Ashton Throwdown was finally finished. We felt a big sense of relief knowing all our equipment stood up to the demands and allowed many athletes to reach PB’s.

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