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New Range Of Barbells

Posted on 24 March, 2015 by Becky Hill

New range of Cronos Barbells

Following the success of our high quality Performance barbells we are excited to announce the release of their younger and more affordable brother and sister. These new barbells will offer great quality at a very affordable price.

The Cronos barbells will follow the same design as our Performance Barbells. The only difference is the amount of heat treatment the steel shaft is put through. However do not let this put you off. These barbells have been tested to withstand lifts of over 450kg without deforming.  

Specifications (male and female):


  • 20kg and15kg precision tested
  • 28mm and 25mm diameter shaft
  • Self lubricating alloy bushings
  • Manganese Phosphate finish (rust prevention)
  • Deep fine knurling with power and Olympic rings
  • Fine grooved chrome sleeves
  • High carbon content alloy steel, 450kg without deforming

These barbells will be available in roughly 10 weeks with a price tag of £159.99 male £154.99 female.

For more information please get in touch at

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