Competition Kettlebell
  • Competition Kettlebell
  • Competition Kettlebell

Competition Kettlebell

Item Number: DB2180

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With the increase of kettlebell training, UKSF recognises the need for professional equipment. Our kettlebells are colour coded for easy recognition, each weight is of the same dimensions removing the need to alter the way in which you perform your exercise when increasing or decreasing the weight. The handle is smooth and allows for easy grip (35mm), with an excellent gloss finish these KB will make any gym or box look professional.

  • Color-coded for easy weight recognition.
  • Each kettlebell meets competition standard.
  • 35mm diameter handle
  • Uniformed size removes the need to alter the way in which an exercise is performed.
  • The handle is large allowing single and double-handed exercises.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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